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Christina and Tucker

Jessica and Craig

Shana and Chase

Zayna and Ben

Taylor and Conor

Brenda and David

Adrianna and Jacob

Morgan and George in Raleigh, North Carolina

Morgan and George from chris harburg on Vimeo.

Jamie and Matt in Henderson, North Carolina

Jamie and Matt's Wedding from chris harburg on Vimeo.

Courtney and Michael in Raleigh, North Carolina

Michael and Courtney from chris harburg on Vimeo.

Charvon and Brandon in Durham, North Carolina

Charvron and Brandon from chris harburg on Vimeo.

Rebekah and Chris in Raleigh, North Carolina

Rebekah and Chris from chris harburg on Vimeo.

Emily and Zach in Charlotte, North Carolina

Kayla and Adam in Sanford, North Carolina

Anna and Mitchell in Charlotte, North Carolina

Elizabeth and Kyle in Bahama, North Carolina

Hillary and Tyler in Pinehurst, North Carolina

Lauren and Chris in Clayton, North Carolina

Delisha and Dashard in Raleigh, North Carolina

Cindi and Trey in Benson, North Carolina