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Five fun locations for engagement photos in North Carolina

5 engagement photo locations ideas around Raleigh and North Carolina

Complimentary engagement photos are becoming more and more popular with smart wedding photographers. They're the absolute best way to get to know an engaged couple's unique style and personality. And when it comes to getting back engagement photos that feel authentic to who you and your fiancé really are, the right location can make all the difference! Even if you're one of the lucky few who come alive in front of a camera, choosing a location you feel natural in will bring out the best in your smile and authenticity.

Capturing the magic between you and your intended need not be stressful or boring, here are some spots that take you out of the traditional "parks and gardens" engagement shoot locations.

1. Boylan Bridge Brew Pub in Raleigh

One of my all time favorites is Boylan Bridge Brew Pub in Raleigh. It's relaxing and comfortable and the view is spectacular! Relax with a beer and dinner before posing for your photos and you may forget you're even being photographed!

A couple pose for engagement photos at Boylan Street Bridge in Raleigh, NC2

2. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Did your beautiful, "perfect for outdoor photos" sunny day morph into rain or cold wind? The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is a perfect plan B. If you go during the week you'll have the place to yourself!

A couple poses for an engagement shoot at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

3. American Tobacco Campus

Another favorite of mine is the American Tobacco Campus in Durham. There's so much packed into such a small space, it's easy to get a huge variety of backdrops in one engagement shoot. There are also several great restaurants at the ATC, perfect for refreshments and changing into different outfits.

Couples posing for an engagement session at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC

4.Downtown streets and alleyways

A great place for privacy that's often overlooked are cute alleyways. A traditional red brick wall is always a romantic backdrop. This spot is in-between two buildings in downtown Southern Pines, NC, a picturesque town north west of Fayetteville. Take advantave of the colorful lights and decorations during the holiday season with an egagement photo session in downtown Raleigh. And what an awesome way to get your Holiday card!

A couple pose for engagement photos in Southern Pines, NC
A couple poses during for engagement photos during the holiday season in downtown Raleigh, NC
A couple poses in front of the lights at an engagement shoot in downtown Raleigh, NC

A couple pose in front of a Christmas tree in downtown Raleigh, NC

5. At Home

Don't shy away from having your engagement photos done in your own home. This may very well be the best place there is to capture those sparks that brought the two of you together. If the weather permits, take a walk around the yard, you might be surprised at how a simple wood fence can work as a backdrop.

Engaged couples pose for engagement photos in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Now more than ever, couples are pushing the limits of tradition and opting for weddings that showcase their personalities. Engagement photos should do the same.

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