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Spruce Pine Lodge

An excellent choice for a rustic wedding venue in North Carolina

The first thing that stuck me when I visited the Spruce Pine Lodge was the wide open lawn space completely surrounded by thick forest. It provides an open, yet secluded feeling perfect for large private parties. The overall vibe is relaxed but the grounds are well kept and clean. It's a great canvas for the do-it-yourselfer, not already cluttered up with tchotchkes and taste specific furniture.

Along those lines, it's a great option for someone who doesn't want to scrimp on charm and character, but can't or isn't willing to dole out the 2 to 3k required for places like The Hayloft or Starlight Meadow.

The price to rent the space all day is only $600 (until midnight!) There is an extra fee for alcohol but no other hidden fees. You supply your own catering, which may be both a plus and a minus. But if you're on a budget and/or have special dietary needs, this is a big plus! There's a full kitchen available and lots of options for local catering.

You may have already experience some serious frustration trying to accommodate elderly grandparents and others with mobility issues. In addition to being only 40 miles from RDU, the large parking area is right in front of the lodge which is handicap accessible. Getting from the airport to the venue in a wheel chair is not only doable, it's easy!

Another plus, the lodge has two very large dressing areas, plenty of room for makeup artists and the wedding party, as well as all the tables and chairs you'll need for up to 100 guests. And air conditioning! A big yes for summer weddings in the Piedmont.

Another little known perk is the onsite campground. It can accommodate up to 20 tents but beware, it's primitive, i.e. no electricity or water available. It's only a mile away by car. You can walk to the campground from the lodge in 5 minutes, but I've been told it's a difficult walk, rocky and steep.

Spruce Pine Lodge In Bahama, Nc

As for the negatives, the biggest one is an unsightly wall of plywood and chain link fence covering an attached outbuilding. It really does detract from the otherwise picturesque landscape. But don't let that stop you, here's an awesome way a couple turned this eyesore into a feature! They hung lace over the boards and created a fantastic photo wall with clothes pins!

A creative photo wall for a wedding reception at the Spruce Pine Lodge

Another issue is the lack of doors on the dressing rooms. They're set back through hallways but it might be a good idea to bring a sheet or screen to cover the opening.

It's a popular venue, and books up 9 months to a year in advance, especially summer months and Saturdays.

For more information contact (919) 560-4355, ext. 27202 for availability and rental rates.

Click here for a link to the official web page and floor plan.

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